Lately, I see a lot of new types of foot cream product that claimed to be able to treat different types of foot problems. This, of course, will provide ease for you who are suffering from foot problems, because with this new type of foot creams you no longer need to buy many kinds of foot cream to cure a variety of foot problems.

However, for me it is just a “gimmick” promises to provoke their potential customers and persuade them to buy the foot cream products. The problem is, for every kind of foot problems required special ingredients to treat it. But it is possible if these special materials are mixed into one type of foot cream. But for me it still does not make sense because although mixing the ingredients into a single product can be done, but I’m afraid that it could be a bad thing for us.

To avoid the things that we do not want to happen, it is better if we use special products to treat specific foot problems. And of course, not everyone knows the specific products they need to treat foot problems which they are suffering. For that, I will share information about  6 Types of Foot Cream And What Ailment It’s Best For.

Before going further about the things we will discuss in this article, I will provide a detailed understanding of foot cream so you can better understand foot cream that you need to treat your foot problems.

In-depth Understanding of Foot Cream

Foot cream is a product that surely you’ve heard and can be found in drug stores in your local area. There are many choices of foot creams that you can choose according to your needs. The product price also varies, depending on the materials used to make these products.

Foot creams usually made of moisturizing ingredients intended to moisturize the feet, but in certain foot problems, which requires your feet to stay dry in order to treat your foot problem, special materials that can make your feet are always dry is used, and it will make your feet always dry even when your feet sweat a lot.

Let’s pause here and read again what I wrote above. There are two types of foot cream made to moisturize and to make your feet dry. If there was a foot cream for various types of foot problems, of this cream would have the opposite material.

For example, if your problem is a fungal infection of the foot, the foot problem is you need a foot cream that can make your feet dry. And if you use foot creams which can be used to treat various foot problems, this product not only can make your feet dry but can also be used to moisturize the feet. And if your feet hit moisturizing ingredients during fungal infection, fungal infections will become increasingly worse.

From what I described above, I hope you understand why I do not believe that some foot creams can be used to cure various types of foot problems.

Now we continue the discussion about deep understanding foot cream. After learning that the foot cream made specifically for certain foot problems, you must have asked whether the use of foot cream is safe or not to treat your foot problems.

The answer to that question is very safe. The use of foot creams is very safe because to get permit sales in various countries, the product used for the treatment will be checked first by the department of health in various countries. However, you should really choose the right product for your foot problems. If you are confused, you better consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

In addition to the reasons why foot cream is safe to use which I wrote above, use foot cream also has been proven safe by me and my family. If you read the other articles in this blog, I often recommend various types of cream products that have been used by me and my family to treat various types of foot problems we have.

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Okay, now you already know more about foot cream. And now we will discuss the various types of foot cream and what ailment it’s best for. Prepare a cup of coffee because it will be a long article. Check it out!

6 Types of Foot Cream And What Ailment It’s Best For

As we know that every foot creams made with special ingredients to treat specific foot problems. Use of the wrong foot cream can cause foot problems you become increasingly worse, for that I will share six types of foot creams that can help you choose the type of product that you need.

Antifungal Foot Creams

Anti-fungal foot creams are creams that specifically created to treat the problem of fungal infections in your feet. To use this product, you just need applying in the areas affected by fungal infection.

This type of cream is made from materials that can treat fungal infections as well as stop the spread of a fungal infection in your foot. There are products with chemicals ingredients and there is also a product with natural ingredients such as Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree.

If you are worried about the safety of using foot cream, you can choose a product with natural ingredients. And here are the best antifungal creams that I recommend.

Derman Antifungal Cream

Although this product is said to be good for curing athlete’s foot, but it is also very nice cream to treat foot fungus infection. This cream is made from chemicals such as Zinc Undecylenate, Undecylenic acid, Polyethylene Glycol 500, and Propylene Glycol.

You can use this product in the morning and at night before bed. And within two weeks, foot problems due to fungal infection will be gone forever.

You can purchase this product with the best price by clicking the buy button below!

Family Care Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream

If you see the other articles in this blog, I often write this product as a product recommendation. This is because this product is one of the best products for treating fungal infections of the foot area. And this product is also recommended by many doctors because this product is safe to use.

To use, you simply need to apply the product in the area affected by a fungal infection. Apply this product twice a day in the morning before you move and at night before you go to bed.

This product is also safe to use for a variety of ages. So, if your child has a yeast infection, you can use this product for the treatment without afraid of something bad will happen.

This foot cream is sold at a cheap price in local drug stores. But if you want a cheaper price for saving money, you can buy through the buy button below.

The Yellow Bird All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream

The last recommendation foot cream product for treating fungal infections is  The Yellow Bird All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream. This product is the product for you who want the maximum security in the use of anti-fungal cream to treat your foot problems. Natural ingredient contents of the cream is the “hero”. They claimed used all natural without the use of chemicals such as in the two previous products.

Users of this product have write a lot of positive reviews for this product. They have proved that this product can be used to cure the problem of fungal infections of the foot without causing side effects. In addition, the healing of fungal infections is also faster than in the two previous products.

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This product is sold at a low price for a natural cream which can cure fungal infections quickly. You can purchase this product by clicking buy button below!

Foot Creams for Callus and Cracked Heels

Calluses usually appear on the legs, ankles, hands, or fingers, and can cause discomfort and pain when walking or activity. Actually, it is a natural reaction of the body to protect the skin. Calluses is a thickening or hardening of the skin due to excessive pressure and friction. Generally, calluses skin that has to be yellowish.

Cracked heels are usually caused by dry skin. For that, they need a moisturizer that can make you avoid cracked heels. The use of cream for cracked heels is the same as a cream for the treatment of calluses. Both of these foot problems require skin moisturizing cream.

And here are two recommendations foot cream product for treating calluses and cracked heels safely and quickly. Choose one product and never use two cream products simultaneously.

Elizabeth Parker Organic Foot Cream

The first product is from Elizabeth Parker. This cream is made using natural ingredients such as Organic Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, and Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka Honey) Mel which is great for use as a moisturizer. This product is safe to use by everyone because it contains natural ingredients. So, you do not have to worry about the safety of this product.

Aya Natural Foot Cream

The next product is from Aya Natural. This product is moisturizing the skin on the feet area and claimed all natural ingredients which are safe to use. Even though it’s using a natural vegetable oil, there will be no greasy residue on Feet and it will make you comfortable while using this product as a callus and cracked heels treatment.

To use this cream you have to rub this cream on calluses or cracked heels with the aim to moisturize the area.

Antiperspirant foot cream

Antiperspirant foot creams are products that you can use to eliminate the cause of the problem sweaty feet and smelly feet. These products contain ingredients such as aluminum chloride, aluminum chloralhydrate, and aluminum zirconium. Aluminum ions will form a temporary blockage in the sweat ducts, and stop the flow of sweat to the skin surface.

This product can quickly make your feet free from excessive sweating and smelly feet which can reduce your confidence. Here are some products that I recommend for you to use.

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

This product can stop sweating feet quickly after you use this product. This product will make your feet dry throughout the day which will make you more comfortable doing your activity while eliminating smell on your feet.

For security in the use of this product, never rubbing this product in the area of injured skin or irritated skin. In addition, stop using the product if you notice your skin reddish after using this product.

Eveline Foot Therapy Professional 8-in-1 Antiperspirant Cream

The next product is a cream antiperspirant foot from Eveline. This product work by neutralizing the sweat glands in order to reduce the production of sweat on your feet. To use this product, you just need applying these products to all parts of your legs and your feet will be dry for 24 hours. And like the previous product, you should not use your product if your feet become irritated.

Foot cream for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a problem in the feet, which will make your feet look bad, and also makes you feel uncomfortable when walking. The foot problems very often suffered by women because women usually use high heels in their activities. Fortunately, for those of you who suffer from plantar fasciitis there is a special foot cream to eliminate the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

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And here are two products that I recommend for the relief of pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Penetrex Pain Relief Medication

Many health experts recommend Penetrex as a product to eliminate pain in the legs such as pain caused by plantar fasciitis. This product contains ingredients such as Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Arnica, MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate, Choline Bitartrate, Glucosamine and Boswellia Serrata. And this product is made in America.

You can start to relieve the pain in your feet by buying these products through the buy button below.

BIOTEMPER Herbal Pain Relief Cream

The next product is a herbal product by BIOTEMPER. This product is believed to relieve pain due to plantar fasciitis quickly without causing any contra-indications. In addition to the relief of pain in the area of plantar fasciitis, this product also bia ease the pain of the joints in the legs that may you feel as well.

You can buy this herbal product with the best price through the buy button below.

Diabetic Foot Cream

To choose products for diabetic foot, you must be extra careful. To help you choose a foot cream is safe for diabetics. For that I will share product recommendations that I recommend to buy.

Neoteric Advanced Healing Cream

This product is a skin care products for people suffering from diabetes which is safe to use. This product will protect your skin from a variety of things that will cause foot problems, and with using this product, your feet will remain healthy. this foot cream has received many positive reviews from users. I recommend you to use this product as a safe foot care cream.

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Anti-Blister Cream

Blister on foot is one of the things that make you uncomfortable in undergoing activities. This problem is usually caused by friction on the feet because of the use of shoes that are too tight when doing activities such as exercise or walking for long distances.

To avoid and treat blisters on the feet, there is a special foot cream products to tackle this problem. Here is the product that I recommend to buy.

RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream Specifically Formulated for Feet

RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream is a product that could preclude the occurrence of friction between the skin of the feet with socks or shoes. With the use of this cream, you can perform strenuous activities such as sport without fear of blisters on your feet.

RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream can last longer than any other similar the product. Besides being able to avoid the occurrence of blisters on the feet, this the product can also help you avoid calluses on the feet.

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That’s what I can say about the use of foot cream. I hope this article can help you choose a foot cream you need and also safe to use. If you have any questions, please write your questions via the comment section below. Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article!

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