It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote an article in this blog. I hope you actually get useful information from my blog for you, the people around you, especially your family that you love.

So, it’s been a long since I abandoned the writing activity for this blog because I was busy – you know I am a housewife – and finally, I can write another article on this blog. Of course, the article that I write today is still about foot health problems and how to take care of our feet to make it stay healthy.

You may not see any recent articles in this blog a few months back, but I always check my blog to reply a comment or check my email to see if there are any incoming emails from my blog readers. And there was one email that caught my attention that an email from a reader who has swollen feet that made her feel uncomfortable in carrying out her daily activities. I feel sorry for her. And I feel sorry because I could not provide information on the swollen foot problem as soon as possible. Therefore, on this day, I will write an article relating about swollen feet which I hope can help you who suffer from health problems this leg.

Swollen feet is a problem in the feet area where there is an enlargement of the foot or ankle. And you should know that swelling is not just happening in the feet, but sometimes occurs in hand area. There are a few of my patients who also experience swollen feet which turned this into a serious problem for them if it is not treated immediately and properly.

In medical science, a swollen feet occurs when there is an accumulation or buildup of fluid in an area which in this case happened in the foot area.

Where did these fluids come from? You need to remember in elementary school science lessons that inside the body there are a lot of fluids like blood and water. This fluid is supposed to be distributed in the body but instead piled and accumulated in one area, and in this case, it is piled and collected at the foot area.

Now you may feel confused about how can a liquid which should be distributed throughout the body accumulate in one area? Do not be confused because you will get the answer in a moment, take a cup of coffee so that you can read this information with more ease.

What Causes Swollen Feet

There are many factors that cause swollen feet, and here are some factors that cause swollen feet that I know based on my experience and knowledge as a medical officer:

1. Overweight
Having overweight can cause swollen feet that may continue to be a serious health problem. Therefore, if you suffer from swollen feet and also have excess weight, I suggest you start a diet program so that your swollen feet problem doesn’t become worse.

2. Standing in long period of time
This usually becomes the main factor that causes swollen feet which experienced by workers who are required to work in a standing position for a long time.

3. Sitting with a limited foot position for a long period of time
If you frequently travel using the bus, train, or plane, this case could be a factor which causes swollen feet.

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4. Using certain medications
Some drugs which can cause swollen feet are antidepressants, steroids, and anti-inflammatory. Reduce the use of these drugs (if possible) when you start to notice the swelling in your feet area.

Those are some common things that can be a factor this foot problem. These things are often the main factor that causes health problems away. If you suffer from this problem and you do one of the things I mentioned above, I suggest you to immediately avoid it as soon as possible.

Another thing worth mentioning is that older people usually suffer this foot problem, but it is possible for young people also to suffering this annoying foot problem.

In addition to common things that could be the cause of swollen feet, there are also some underlying health problems which become a factor of swollen feet. And these are some underlying health problems that cause swollen feet.

Underlying Health Problems That Cause Swollen Feet

1. Internal Organs Failure

Image result for kidney failure

Swollen feet can be symptoms of internal organs failure, and you should really pay attention to this. I’ve found several cases of internal organs failure, especially kidney failure that one of the symptoms is a swollen foot. When kidneys are injured or damaged, the remains of the body’s metabolism and excess fluid can accumulate in the body until it causes swelling in the feet and ankles. And if this problem is not taken seriously, the result could be deadly.

In addition to kidney failure, I’ve had some patients suffering from heart failure. And for your information, one of the symptoms of heart failure are swelling in the foot area. This is due to a blood clot or blockage of blood vessels in the foot area that makes swollen feet.

Despite these health problems more often affects older people, but no matter what your age is, you should be careful when you experience these symptoms. And I think you should examine yourself to a clinic or hospital as soon as possible. You may be advised to perform radiographic or MRI examination, and you don’t need not worry because the examination was not going to hurt at all.

2. Venous insufficiency

Image result for Venous insufficiency

Swollen legs are also a symptom of chronic venous insufficiency. These health problems are rarely I encounter at the hospital where I work. This issue is also a serious health problem and should be treated medically as soon as possible.

In this case, swelling in the foot area and ankle is caused by venous blood vessels which can not pump your blood back to the heart. The result is blood which accumulated in the foot and ankle area. Venous insufficiency can affect anyone no matter how old they are. Treatment which you will receive if you have this health problem is angiography.

3. Lymphedema

Image result for Lymphedema

You probably rarely heard about Lymphedema, but in my experience in the medical world, this health problem is one of many health problems that must be treated seriously.

Lymphedema is a swelling which is caused by the disruption of lymph flow within our body. According to my experience in the medical world, this problem is more often suffered by women. So, ladies, you should be aware if you suffered swollen feet that may be a symptom of Lymphedema.

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In the case of lymphedema, the swelling started from one leg but sometimes swelling occurs on both feet simultaneously. Usually, people with lymphoedema feel their shoes suddenly feels tight. And this usually occurs mainly in the afternoon. If you experience this, you should immediately check the condition you to the nearest hospital or clinic.

4. Cirrhosis of the Liver

Image result for Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver also has the same symptoms with some health problems that I mentioned above. The initial stage of cirrhosis of the liver is swollen feet which are also accompanied by swelling in the abdominal area. Heart health problems are a serious problem that can cause death if it is not immediately treated properly. If you have a swelling in the legs and abdomen area, quickly contact your doctor or go to the hospital.

5. Pericarditis

Image result for pericarditis

It is one of the cardiac problems is also cause swollen feet. Pericarditis is a swelling and inflammation of the sac fibrous outer layer of the heart. Symptoms that commonly occur in the case of pericarditis is swollen feet. And usually, people who suffer pericarditis may also experience pain in the left chest area.

It is one of the cardiac problems is also cause swollen feet. Pericarditis is a swelling and inflammation of the sac fibrous outer layer of the heart. Symptoms that commonly occur in the case of pericarditis is swollen feet. And usually, people who suffer pericarditis may also experience pain in the left chest area.

For this case, I suggest you contact your doctor or come to the hospital for medical treatment. This disease is very dangerous and can cause complications if it not treated immediately.

There are many underlying health problems with symptoms of swollen feet. However, I think that was some of the diseases that I often encounter in the hospital which is a serious health problem that can cause death if not treated seriously. So, to avoid the worse, when you are suffering swollen feet you should immediately go to see the doctor or the nearest hospital. You should never ignore swelling in the area around the foot and ankle as it is not important because it could be just an early symptom of other health problems that much worse than that.

Well, that is the information about the common causes and underlying health problems that cause swollen feet. This article will not end up here; there is still other information that also related to swollen feet which I will share in this article. So, keep reading!

How to Relieve Pain Caused by Swollen Feet

Swollen feet not only causes feet become bigger but is also usually accompanied by pain in the area around feet and ankle. I really know about it because I’ve been taking care of my grandmother, who also suffered swollen feet caused by kidney failure.

1. Excercise

Image result for excercise

Start exercising every day or every holiday if you can not spend some time in your working time. By exercising, your body will become stronger and you can also lose your weight. If you lose your weight, the load received by your feet will be reduced and this can reduce the pain you feel. If regular exercise makes you feel too much pain, consider swimming,  because it’s a non-weight-bearing exercise that can also soothe the skin.

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2. Yoga

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Yoga is believed to eliminate various pain we feel, including pain due to feet swelling. Some of my friends who also suffer swelling in their legs told me that yoga could relieve pain in their feet. I also had told my grandmother to try yoga, but apparently, he was too old to do it.

3. Compression socks

Compression socks is a type of sock designed specifically for people who suffer from the problem on their feet. This sock is a product which is quite remarkable because it can relieve pain immediately after being worn. Besides can be used to relieve the pain because of swollen feet, these socks can also be used for other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, etc.

You can buy compression socks drug stores or grocery stores. However, there is one product which is the best product in the market that you can not buy the drug stores or grocery stores. Name of the product is Zatech Compression Socks. You can buy them online through the buy button below.

4. Foot Spa

Foot spa can make your feet more relaxed at the same time eliminate the pain in your feet. As you know, I was one of those who really likes a foot spa. Therefore, when my grandmother suffered swelling in the legs, I immediately advised her to do a feet spa to relieve the pain she felt.

You can do a foot spa at the spa near the home you when you feel pain in your feet. By doing that, in addition, to relieve pain, it is also could heal swollen feet for a foot spa can make the blood circulation in the foot area becomes better.

But for those of you who may be very busy and do not have time to go to the spa, I advise you to try to use a foot spa machine. I’ve written some superb recommendation of foot spa machine products for you try here. And if you choose to use a foot spa machines, you should combine it with Epsom salt.

Well, that’s all I can tell in this article. Hopefully, by reading the information contained in this article, can provide benefits for you.

I would like to say a special thank to my friend Dr. Dennis who have been willing to give a lot of information about the causes of swollen feet.

Lastly, I would like to thank you who have been willing to visit this blog. If you have any questions, please fill in the comment section below or contact me through the contact page on this blog.

See you on the next article!

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