If sudden foot pain without injury interrupt your days quite often, this article is mainly aim to you.

What will be discussed today is the sudden foot pain. Leg pain may suddenly you feel when you are doing any activity, and this foot pain will certainly make your activity becomes disrupted.

I discussed this is because lately, I quite often feel a sudden foot pain when I’m exercising. And to be honest, that foot pain made my passion for exercising disappear instantly. I finally decided to do some research to find ways to eliminate that sudden foot pain, so that I can continue with my activities. And I was lucky enough to find a way to treat it.

Those of you who visit this blog article must have been experiencing the same thing as what I’ve experienced a few days back. For that reason, I will give you best ways to treat that sudden pain so that you can continue to enjoy your days without any disruptions.

How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain Without Injury Immediately

Some ways which I will share below are not only to cure the pain when exercising like I’ve ever experienced before, but also to those of you who experience pain suddenly at your feet while you’re cycling, walking barefoot, standing after sitting, getting up out of bed, running, and lying down.

What I am going to explain here is a way to relieve the pain immediately and of course, after you do these ways of treatment, you still have to do an advanced treatment to cure your pain problem permanently.

Okay, let’s start by discussing how to treat pain on foot while cycling.

How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain While Cycling

It is very contradictory to our original goal of cycling which is to make our body healthy and free from any problems that can cause pain and pain in our bodies. But the fact is, sudden pain often occurs when we cycled, especially when we cycled for long distances or for those of you just starting to do cycling.

Factors that often the cause of pain while cycling is a shoe that is not suitable for this activity. As we know that the human foot is made for walking instead of biking. Therefore, wear the shoes which are suitable for cycling to avoid sudden foot pain when you’re cycling. You can try Giro Grynd Shoe and Venzo SPD Shoes which are suitable for cycling.

Another factor that causes sudden foot pain when cycling is a pain in the Achilles tendon. tendons are human muscles located in the back of the ankle, the muscles that connect the calf muscles to the heel. If you experience this pain, this is usually the result of problems when pedaling. It can also be caused because of the high bicycle seat that eventually forces you to use your tip toes while doing the pedaling. So the farther the foot pedal, then the greater the pressure exerted to the Achilles’ tendons.

To treat pain caused by pressure on the tendon, you can use Puriya Ultra Relief Cream as first aid when the pain on foot suddenly felt. I recommend you always carry these products when you are cycling so that you can treat the pain you feel, and you can continue your cycling activity.

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How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain While Walking Barefoot

There are several factors that cause foot pain when walking with bare feet. The first factor which becomes the cause of your sudden foot pain while walking barefoot is plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is swelling insoles of the feet that cause pain when we’re walking, especially when we walk barefoot.

Usually, the pain that you feel comes from the area around the heel. And to treat this problem, you can try using Penetrex Pain Relief Medication as a first aid when you experience pain when walking barefoot.

Other causes of sudden foot pain when walking barefoot is Corn or Clavus. Corn or Clavus can cause sudden pain when we’re walking, especially if Corn is located on the bottom of your feet. Treatment for Corn could be done by doing a surgery. However, as a first aid for treating sudden foot pain caused by corn, you can try to use Dr. Scholl’s® UltraHOLDTM Corn Pain Relief. This product is made specifically for the relief of pain which is caused by Corn. By using this product, you can continue to walk barefoot without pain like never before.

The last factor that may cause foot pain when walking barefoot is a bunion. Bunion is a deformation of the big toe caused by the growing bones under the big toe. To treat sudden pain caused by a bunion you can try to use Dr Scholl’s Duragel Bunion Cushion as first aid. And after you use the product, you can continue to walk barefoot without feeling pain in your feet.

How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain While Standing After Sitting

The next moment when a sudden pain you feel is when you standing after sitting for a long time. In cases like this, the first possibility is that you suffer from plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can be caused by several things such as wearing high heels, feet flat with no arch, a strained calf muscle, obesity, or standing in a long time. Pain in the heel area in the morning or after sitting for a long time are usually the symptoms of this disease.

As in the previous case which is sudden foot pain while walking warefoot, how to treat it is by using Penetrex Pain Relief Medication as a first aid. And if you’re at home when you feel the foot pain, you can also use NatraCure® Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap as an additional aid. With this product, the pain in your feet which is caused by plantar fasciitis can disappear quickly. NatraCure® Cold / Hot Therapy Wrap can relieve swelling caused by plantar fasciitis which is a major factor that causes pain in your feet.

Other factor that could cause sudden foot pain while standing after sitting is Calcaneus Spur or Heel Spur. In general, the calcaneus spur meaning that part of the bone hardens into spurs. So, Calcaneus spur is a small bone which became like a spurs in the heel area.

The exact cause of the heel spur still unclear. However, many medical experts are of the opinion if the condition is associated with trauma or impact in a long time and frequency quite often on the heels in youth. In this case, you can use AliMed Heel Cup as a first aid. You can continue with your activity after using that product as a first aid. However, you may need to treat the heel spur through doing a surgery to eliminate the pain on your feet permanently.

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How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain While Getting Out of Bed

The morning should be a time of refreshing for you because in the morning you should always start your day with a smile so that you can enjoy more your days. Unfortunately for most people wake up in the morning becomes less enjoyable because of sudden foot pain occurs while they’re getting out of bed.

Cause they feel this is due to a factor equal to what I wrote above that because they suffer from plantar fasciitis. Women aged 40’s are commonly experience this pain every now and then. But sometimes it also affects men and women in younger age.

In fact, there are various factors can trigger this problem, especially the habit of using high heels too often, walking or standing for a long time, and weight excess / obesity.

The common symptoms of plantar fasciitis are pain on one or both feet, feels like a stabbing or burning, especially when they wake up in the morning.

To cure the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis, you can try using a product called Biotemper Pain Reliever as a first aid. This product is known to cure sudden foot pain when getting up from bed quickly. To use this product, you just need to rub it into the area around your feet where it hurt. You just need to wait a few seconds for pain relief.

How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain When Running

Running is an activity that is healthy for your body and strengten your legs at the same time. But apparently running can cause sudden foot pain that usually occurs after running for long distances.

It is of course very disturbing you enjoy your running activities. You also may be reluctant to run the next day after experiencing sudden pain on the foot when you’re running. Do not worry about it because you can treat the sudden pain that you feel when you’re running with very easy steps.

First, you have to do is stop and look for a place to rest. Then remove your shoes and place your feet in a straight position. Let your feet to rest for a few minutes. You can also give a massage to the feet to help your feet become more relaxed. This is done because, usually sudden foot pain when running due to a strained muscle.

To speed the healing of pain in your feet, you can bring Bio Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief 360 Degree Spray with you when you’re running. It can be use as a first aid when that sudden pain in your feet occurs. You can relief pain even without stop running and take a little rest, although I am not recommend it. It is better to stop running and give your muscle a little break.

There is another product that I recommend you to try. This product is Gold Bond Pain Relieiving Foot Cream. To use this product, you only need to gently rub the cream on the painful area. But remember what I said above. You should stop and take a little rest before continue running even though this cream could relief your foot pain quickly.

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How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain When Lying Down

If this is what you are feeling right now and be the thing that bothers you when you sleep, you are experiencing a serious problem. This sudden foot pain is completely unrelated to your feet.

Cause of that sudden foot pain without injury that you feel when you’re lying down is a nerve disorder called Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when a nerve disorder affecting nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. In other words, peripheral neuropathy affects the nerves in the limbs, like the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands, and arms. Common symptoms of this nerve disorder is sudden pain in foot and hand.

To treat peripheral neuropathy you have to go to the hospital or go to the doctor. But as a first aid for treating pain which is caused by nerve disorders is by trying to use MyoMed Pro Neuropathy Pain Relief. This product could relief the pain in a few minutes. Please note that this product is just for first aid. You must go to hospital or doctor to cure this nerve disorder properly.

How to Cure Sudden Foot Pain When Excercising

The last thing that we’re discuss is how to cure sudden foot pain when exercising. This is the problem that I faced in a few days ago. Fortunately, that sudden foot pain without injury did not totally eliminate my excercise will.

I found a quick way to eliminate foot pain that I feel when doing an exercise. I use Super White Stuff OTC® as a first aid. And what I did next is simply apply this cream on the painful area, and the pain I just disappear instantly.

Sudden pain which we feel when exercising caused by strained muscle. So, by using the cream, we can help our muscles to relaxed quickly. Other than that, I suggest you to stop exercising for a while. In most cases, strained muscle is a clear sign that our bodies need some rest. So, let your body resting by stop excercising for a while. Oh and do not forget to warm up before exercising.

That is the way to eliminate foot pain unexpectedly when you perform various activities. Please remember what I share in this article is only for first aid for sudden foot pain. If the pain continues to exist or become worse, I advise you to treat your problem to the hospital.

That’s what I can give you on this article, I hope this article can give you benefit. Thanks for visiting my blog!

If you have any question, feel free to ask me by writing your question on the comment section below.  Alternatively, you can also contact me through contact page on this blog.

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