8 Causes of Stinky Feet and How to Treat and Prevent It

Do you have a stinky feet problem? What??

That must be very uncomfortable for you. Not only does it create a really bad scent, but someone else can smells the odor too. Consequently, we will feel bad as well as embarassed. But, no need to worry now as we will share some tips for you on how to treat and prevent this issue. Before we go straight to there, you must learn what could possibly cause it.

Stinky Feet Causes

There are several causes which could make our feet smell awful. A few of them is from natural cause, but most of them are from our own bad habits. If you do have some of these manners, you better stop doing them now. Without further ado, here are the causes of stinky feet.

1. Bromhidrosis and Hyperhidrosis

Bromhidrosis is a certain bactery living in our body which is able to produce an odor. On the other hand, Hyperhydrosis is a condition of which our body produces a high amount of sweats. So what is the connection between them? The bacteria love living in a place where its humidity level is high, and this kind of area can easily sweat. The sweat is what the bacteria’s favorite consumption. When they eat the sweat, they will create a smelly odor.

2. Wearing Non-Absorbable Socks

Some people believe that wearing socks can prevent stinky feet. However, that is not necessarily right. As a matter of fact, they actually can be the most possible suspect of the issue. When we wearing socks, there will be no air circulation to our feet. As a result, it will produce sweat, which will invite Bromhidrosis to come and stay. But, it does not mean we forbid you to wear them. You may still apply them, but make sure that they have absorbable feature. By that, it can absorb your sweat very well. The best material for this feature is cotton.

3. Wearing Wet Socks

It is a big no to wear wet socks. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but also feel itchy and wrinkled. In addition, it will also carry a lot of bacterias as well as fungus. These combination plus humidity equals feet with even worse smell. Therefore, when your socks are already wet, wash and replace them with the dry and fresh ones.

4. Never Washing Shoes

Socks are not the only foot accessories we need to concern. Shoes can be the problem too. As we know, we often wearing shoes whenever we go out. Yet, sometimes we forgot to wash them. If we leave it be, it will become the nest of germs and bacterias. And we have mentioned it over and over, when these micro creatures meet with your sweats, you will get a couple of stinky feet. Hence, from now on, you must wash your footwears at least once a week.

5. Wearing Shoes in Too-Small Size

When you are looking for shoes to purchase, make sure to find one that suits perfectly with your feet. If you choose the ones whose size are too small, it will hurt your feet. Moreover, it can make them smells terrible too. So, you must always wear ones with size that fits perfectly with your feet. In addition, please choose a couple of shoes which have a good air circulation to let your feet breathe.

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6. Never Wash Feet

Most of us must have always been going out for one day with shoes on. But, when you come home, did you wash your feet? Never washing them after one day out is a really bad habit, especially when we put on shoes and socks. Since it is difficult for our feet to move or breathe when we are wearing a footwear, they will be sweating. That will track bacterias and make our feet stinky. Furthermore, even if you wash them, it is useless if you cleanse them with ordinary soap. In order to get rid of germs or bacterias, it is better to utilize anti-bacteria soap. Most importantly, you must remember to wash every inch of your feet including in-between toes.

7. Long Nails

It is really important to take care of your toe nails. When it has grown too long, you must cut them short. Otherwise, it will be a great spot for bacterias to make a nest. Besides that, it can be very painful when your long nails hit something. This actually can be your reason to have a pedicure (without using nail polish). It will feel cozy and certainly cleanse every toe overall.

8. Cutting Nails Too Deep

We have mentioned the importance of cutting your long toe nails. However, we do not say you must cut it very short or deep. If you do that, you will bleed your toes, and soon it will be festering. After that, the pus will produce such a bad odor that will give you stinky feet problem. Thus, you have to be careful while cutting your toe nails. If you accidentally hurt yourself, immediately sterilize with alcohol or clean water. It aims to protect the wound from getting infection.

How to Treat Stinky Feet

Are you suffering from stinky feet at the moment? Then you might have been doing some of the bad habits we mentioned before. So, what to do now? In this case, the only way you can do is to treat it. There are several treatments you can apply to remove the bad smells from your feet.

1. Choose a Pair of Socks Made of Cotton

For those who have excessive sweating condition on foot area, you may want to use a couple of socks made of cotton from now on. This material is able to absorb your sweat really well. By applying them, your feet will stay dry and free from bacterias. However, please remember to change them at least once in two days. Change it once a day if you do have a serious sweating issue on your feet.

2. Soak Your Feet into Water with Squeezed Lemon/Lime

As most of us know, lemon has such a redolent smell. It is capable of removing bad odor, inluding the odor of your feet. What you need to do here is fill enough water into a container, then squeeze one or two slices of lemon into it. After that, soak your feet into the water and wait for about 15 to 25 minutes. Do it 2 or 3 times a day, and it will surely solve your stinky feet. Alternatively, you may also use lime for this step.

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3. Consume Enough Zinc and Magnesium

Did you know that our body can smell bad because we are lack of zinc and magnesium? Yes, this is true according to scientists at Columbia University. In addition, by consuming food with these two nutrients, it will lessen the excessive sweating. If you want to add the level of zinc, you can eat beef, pumpkin seed, yoghurt, and salmon. In the meantime, you can get magnesium by taking brown rice, black beans, and almonds. But, before starting consuming these two, you better consult about it first with a doctor. He will tell you the right amount of it you can eat per day or week.

4. Insert a Piece of Dry Paper to Shoes

Some of you might not be familiar with this step. But, truth to be told, it is quite effective to treat your stinky feet. It helps you in absorbing the sweat so there will be no odors from your shoes. With only one piece of dry paper, you can do your daily activities without any worries about smelly feet spreading out. Not only does it make your shoes free from the stench, but it also keeps the hygiene. The dry paper you can use here is like tissue.

5. Use Deodorant

Generally, we use deodorant on our armpits. The function is to decrease the oil production in the underarm area so it will not produce any smelly scents. We can apply this treatment to our feet as well. However, we do not recommend you to use the same deodorant for both body parts. It will move the bacterias from your feet to the armpits or otherwise. Please, use the one specialized for foot area.

Use Right Foot: Foot & Shoe Deodorizer for Treatment

If you prefer using deodorant to treat your stinky feet, then you might be interested in Right Foot: Foot & Shoe Deodorizer. It is a deodorant spray which has a sweet-scented fragrance of peppermint and tea tree. Its natural and anti-bacterial essential oil mixture is able to get rid of bacterias and remove the odor they create. Since it is 100% natural, it is extremely safe to use for the whole family. It is even applicable for those who have the most sensitive skin. You can find this product easily at Amazon.com. Moreover, you can see how it gained a lot of positive reviews from other users. They all claimed how this product is really helpful toward their smelly feet problem. That’s why we highly recommend it to you.

How to Prevent Stinky Feet

“Prevention is better than curing”. Some of you might have heard this phrase, and we totally agree with it. We have said at the beginning how uncomfortable it is to have feet with bad smells. Not to mention, we also feel bad or even embarassed when someone else can smell it too. But, these will not happen if you can prevent it. Here are some steps you may follow for the stinky feet precaution.

  1. Regularly Wash Your Shoes
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It is crucial to wash your shoes regularly. If you just let it be dirty like that, every bacteria will gather and stay in your footwear. It is a great place to grow for fungus and mold too. With these three combined with your sweaty feet, the stink will be unimaginable. Hence, you have to wash your shoes at least once a week.

  1. Always Wash Your Feet

Shoes are not the only things that you need to cleanse. Keeping the sanitation of your feet is also necessary. By that, you will not carry the bacterias around all the time. Besides washing them after wearing shoes, we recommend you to do it before application too. It aims to make your feet stay clean and fresh. It will be more effective if you clean them with anti-bacterial soap.

  1. Use Antiperspirant for Foot

Most of you must have heard about antiperspirant. It is an item which you can find mostly in deodorant. Once again we must remind you that it is for our feet, not armpits. Anyway, this item has a cream texture. This cream will straiten the pores at our feet. It is able to block the channel of sweat glands as well. The result is the decreasing of your sweat amount. In the end, you will get no troubles anymore from sweating or even stinky feet.

Use Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

Looking for an antiperspirant for foot? Take a look at Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion. This lotion is a perfect solution for those who have sweating issue. Its texture is very smooth that it absorbs quickly. Hence, it will not leave any chalky residue to your skin. After using this, you can say goodbye forever to your excessive sweat on your feet. You can buy this item from Amazon.com. Like Right Foot Deodorizer, a lot of people also gave positive feedbacks toward Carpe.

In summary, it turns out that a lot of our bad habits can create smelly feet. If you do not want to deal with it, then you must start to keep the cleanliness of both shoes and feet. As we can see, stinky feet can be very problematic for some people. It will lower our confidence to go out in public. Some of you might be thinking, “Is my feet smelly? Can people Smell it too? I hope they can’t.” This is not necessarily need to occur if you can treat it right. Or, it sounds so much better if you can prevent them.

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