There are so many cases where people feel cramps, spasms, and stiffness on their legs because the blood foot circulation is not smooth and works properly. This can be caused by several factors so that they sometimes feel uncomfortable when walking and even they feel the pain. When you sit for too long with your legs folded, then you will feel cramping and sometimes your foot becomes numb. As it is mentioned, it may occur because the blood flow does not run smoothly. However, in some cases, you also can sometimes feel a cramp without any reasons.

Is this a disease? Perhaps, this is not a disease, but it can be harmful to your health if you do not treat it well. When you work at your office and sit for too long and fold your legs, and then you stand up, sometimes your feet will be sore and cramps due to bad foot circulation. Well, what if it gets severe and needs a special treatment?

Actually, you can still get your foot condition back to normal by performing some foot circulation treatment using some special foot tools to enhance the circulation. There are so many foot tools that you can buy and use. These tools are very good and effective to relieve a cramping foot due to bad blood foot circulation or due to spasms leg muscle. Here are some examples of foot tools for better foot circulation or to make your foot more relaxed when you do your activities.

Foot Pedal

The first tool is foot pedal as one of the best exercise pedals to make your legs more comfortable. Let us take an example of foot pedal made by DeskCycle. You may use DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal which is designed for those who like sitting for a long time. This pedal is really good and can be utilized when you sitting and you can put this pedal under your desk. It is equipped with 5 function displays for speed, time, distance, calories, and scan. It is designed with magnetic resistance that can provide smooth and quiet pedal movement so that you can focus on your activities because it does not produce noisy sound. This foot circulation tool is not too big in which you can put it under your 27 inches desk. You only need to prepare a special desk that can fit the foot pedal and then you just use it anytime you want.

Foot Socks

Instead of the foot pedal, for the best foot circulation, you can also wear foot sock. In this case, you have to wear a special foot sock like plantar fasciitis socks. There are so many plantar fasciitis socks available online. Let us take an example of plantar fasciitis sock from BIP Sports. This is an FDA registered premium ankle support foot compression sleeves with a breathable comfort design. This special sock is lightweight, comfortable, and flexible due to its soft cotton material. This sock has a function to reduce foot pain, especially for those who like walking for a long time and this sock comes with its plantar fasciitis treatment function, arch and ankle strains, heel pain, and much more. This sock can also improve the flexibility and balance in which it can minimize the negative impact when you are running and provide foot improved power, mobility, and balance.

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The next tool for a better foot circulation is by using a footrest. What is a footrest? The footrest is something that can hold your feet and makes it more comfortable. Let us take an example of a footrest that you can buy online. There is an NRS Healthcare folding comfort footrest that is simply designed to relieve your foot after doing some activities. This footrest is made of soft material with a simple design. It is equipped with comfortable padded footrest and you can also fold it when you do not use it. The cover is also very soft and fits into most home decoration. It seems that this footrest has no function, but it is actually really important because it can make your foot more relaxed.

Foot Pump

There is another option of foot tool that you can use for treating foot circulation. It is called as a foot pump. This foot pump is actually a pump which you can use by pressing it using your foot. Let us take an example of a foot pump that is simply designed for pumping. It belongs to Yellowstone product with its five liters foot pump. This foot pump can be used for toys, mattresses, pools, camp beds, and much more. So, whenever you want to relax your feet, then you can use this foot pump for exercise. By moving your foot up and down using this foot pump, then your foot will be relieved because the blood circulation runs smoothly.

Foot Plate

There is another cool foot tool for foot circulation treatment called as footplate. This foot place is very useful to make your foot more relaxed and relieved when you feel tired after you walk for a long time. Let us take an example of footplate to enhance your foot circulation from Lifemax. This is Lifemax heated footplate which is designed specifically for foot treatment. By using this foot tool, you can keep your foot warm. Moreover, it is also designed with heat functionality. There is three heat setting and you can set the timer for one-hour usage. It is also designed with contour design for sensual under foot massage. You can use it wherever you want as long as you have the power to supply the electricity. This foot tool is really useful to make the blood circulation run smoothly because of its heat energy produced.

Foot Cream

If you cannot afford to buy some of the foot tools mentioned above, then you can still have an alternative by using a foot cream. The foot cream is not a tool like other tools but it is a cream that you can apply on your foot. There are so many foot cream products available. One of the examples is Gehwol 75ml Foot Cream Extra which is specifically formulated to protect against cold and wet feet. You can use this foot cream for a simple foot circulation other than using a special tool. This foot cream is formulated with natural gehwol extra oil from rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus. By using this foot cream, then you can increase your foot performance because your foot will be away from coldness. This will make you’re the blood circulation run smoothly and you will always feel comfortable.

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Foot Spa

This will be a unique way to make your foot more comfortable and relaxed when you feel tired. You can use foot spa as one of the most favorite foot tools and quite effective to get rid of fatigue. There are so many foot spa tools that you can buy online. Let us take an example of foot spa tool. It is Massage Foot Bath Therapy Foot Spa Roller which is specifically designed to help soothe fatigue and there are three available function settings. This, foot spa is equipped with a roller massage that can relieve arch pain and heel pain. You can consider this foot spa as one of your best ways to help you get rid of your fatigue when you return from work. There are so many people who prefer this foot circulation tool because of its effectiveness in removing foot pain including plantar fasciitis and arch pain.

Foot Vibrator

Another option for the best foot circulation treatment is using a foot vibrator. Foot vibration is a foot tool which is designed to boost circulation. There are so many brands that produce foot vibrator. One of which is Revitive IX Circulation Booster as the best medical device for alleviating discomfort in the foot due to poor circulation.  It is known to be so effective to increase circulation in the lower foot, alleviate discomfort and pain, reduce swollen ankles, and much more. You only need to use this sophisticated tool for 20 minutes and then your heel pain, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis will be relieved. There are so many elderlies who also prefer this foot circulation tool to enhance their foot performance despite they are getting old. This foot tool is really effective to smoother the blood circulation in the legs and also it can get rid of fatigue after you return home from work.

Foot Soak

The foot soak is slightly similar to foot spa in which you only need to soak your foot in the water. In this case, you only need a large bowl that fits your feet and then pour some water in the bowl. Somehow, you still need some cream to make your foot comfortable during the soaking process. Here, you can take an example of foot soak by Kaeso Peppermint Rain Non-Foaming Foot Soak. This formulation is so unique and it is made with the natural ingredients for foot circulation treatment and enhances it. It is revitalizing feet soak which can relieve fatigue on your foot and foot sore. It is made of peppermint to make the feet feel revived and really good for foot spa completeness. There are so many people who choose this foot soak because it is quite effective to make their feet relieved. Besides, the price of this foot soak for foot circulation enhancement is quite cheap and easy to find. You can buy this product online or you can go to a pharmacy to buy one.

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Foot Massager

Perhaps, this can be the most effective ways when you want to relieve your tired feet after working or doing activities outdoor. A foot massager is the best alternative for foot circulation treatment because it works by pressing the sole frequently but it depends on the massager tool you use. Let us take an example of the most favorite foot massager made by HoMedics. It is Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat. This foot massager is equipped with six rotating nodes for a complete massager. Moreover, it will work by softening stiff muscles with soothing heat function and it is really easy to operate by using your own foot. This modern foot massager is also completed with 18 heads for maximum performance and two settings massage with heat and only Shiatsu massage. This foot circulation tool is considered as the best foot massager inspired by Japanese Shiatsu massage. There are so many people who prefer foot massager to heal their foot pains including plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain, and much more.

In summary, those are ten types of foot tool that you can use for foot circulation enhancement. You can choose one of those ways according to your wishes. However, you may choose the last tool by using foot massager to get the most effective way when you want to relieve your tired feet, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and other foot pain. Or you can also try all of the ways to get the best result. You can also use these tools anytime whether you have foot pain. You may also use them for prevention to avoid any foot pains.

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  1. I like that you talked about trying different kinds of foot circulation treatments to find the thing that works best, like foot pedals or massagers. My mother has started having problems with her circulation, so I will check to see what her medical healthcare professional recommended for her. It might be good to try something like a circulation booster if some of the other methods don’t work.

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