At the time of feeling tired for a day of work, which we feel is a sense of fatigue on the whole body, and what makes us uncomfortable is aches and pains on the feet. During this time, which made me comfortable other than using a foot spa machines is to use a foot massager. This tool has always made me comfortable and also can eliminate the pain that I feel in my feet.

Using a foot massager is certainly a cheap alternative for us who do not want to spend money to go to professional massage parlors. Yes, of course, the massage given in traditional massage parlors feel more comfortable and convenient for me personally.

Several years ago, my husband and I always went to a professional massage to cure the discomfort we feel on our feet.

But then we find this habit is spending too much of our money. Moreover, the massages which it was given to me was not enough to relieve the pain in my feet.

Then I started looking for cheaper alternatives of professional massage parlors. I want to get a massage that can ease the pain in my legs and I also want to set how long I get massages.

That’s when I found the electrical massage tool which ended up being the solution for my husband and me. I feel the comfort that is almost similar to what I get from professional massage parlors. Moreover, today the quality of a foot massager is growing for the better. Moreover, the price of foot massagers become much cheaper than a few years back.

Do you think you want to buy a tool that can relieve pain in your foot? But perhaps some of you feel confused how to determine a foot massager is great for you, and certainly worth to buy.

You do not need to worry, in this article, I will tell you how to determine which foot massagers to buy. Moreover, I will also review the two best foot massagers on the market.

This article can you make as a guide to choosing a foot massager that is most suitable for you. Or you can also just choose one of the two best foot massagers which I discuss here.

Firstly, let’s start this article with Foot Massagers buying guide. Check it out!

How to Choose Best Foot Massager for You

Because there are so many foot massagers on the market, we have to be smart to choose the right foot massagers and well suited to our needs. To be able to determine the right choice in choosing the foot massager tool, there are several key factors that you should consider.

Here are some important things you should consider before buying a foot massager tool which is perfect for you.

1. Massaging Action

Massaging action is the first and also the most important things you should consider before choosing a foot massager tool that you will buy. Foot massagers typically use vibration as a massaging action.  This is certainly very good to relax the muscles and also relieve pain and stiffness in your feet.

Vibration may be good for certain muscles but for the other muscles that require a deeper massage, vibration as a massaging action is not enough. As a solution, there are several foot massagers which are also equipped with a Shiatsu Machine.

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Shiatsu provides a deeper massaging action than what was provided by vibration. For those of you who want a perfect massaging action, the foot massager with Shiatsu machines is what you should buy.

2. Size

The size of a foot massager is also an important thing to consider. You should be able to choose a foot massager with a size fit for your feet.

There are some foot massagers on the market that I think is too small for some people e.g., my husband. He has a large foot size and of course we had to choose a large foot massager.

3. Price

Price is the thing that we always consider before purchasing any item included a foot massager. There are many price range for a foot massager. The higher price is certainly promising features and better product quality.

But you should only buy a foot massager that fits your budget. Choose a foot massager with the features you really need, do not waste your money on things that are not really what you need.

The good news for you, in this article, two best foot massagers which I will review are sold in the medium price range. These foot massagers are certainly affordable for anyone.

4. Additional Features

Additional features are also things you should consider when determining a foot massager that you will buy. There are many additional features in a foot massager, for example, the heating system, and the massage intensity level option.

The more additional features were available on a foot massager, the more expensive the price you have to pay. So, choose a foot massager with additional features that you really need.

Okay, those are four key factors that you should consider before purchasing a foot massager. Next, I will review two best foot massager that is sold on the market. Check it out!

Two Best Foot Massagers

Of all types of foot massagers I’ve ever tried, this is the best two foot massager that you can buy at an affordable price. I define these two items as the best foot massager based on the four key factors that I have written above.

1. MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager

MediMassager is one type of foot massagers best I’ve ever tried. This tool is actually created to make you feel comfortable to use it.

This foot massager is also recommended by doctors and massage therapists around the world. This is the best foot massager in the world that you can buy without having a license.

Before discussing this incredible foot massager further, I will first discuss the appearance.

The first impression we get when you first see this tool is “elegant.” Yes, this tool looks very elegant with black on almost the entire body. We can also see the high quality of this tool simply by looking at the appearance. And this tool is really made of high-quality material which can not be equated with the other foot massagers.

If you have or often feel severe pain in your leg, foot massagers can be a powerful solution for you. MediMassager MMF06 you can be massaged by the vibration which can vibrate up to 3700rpm, and in an amazing way, it can relieve pain in your feet quickly.

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Of course, not everyone wants to use this tool up to its highest capability. And the good news is a foot massager comes with eleven options of massage strengths. Lowest options of massage strengths foot massagers are 1000rpm. An incredible power of foot massagers that is sold at an affordable price.

My husband is a person who liked the powerful massage. He had tried various foot massagers, but nothing that he felt enough to eliminate the pain in his leg. Until we found this product. Now, these products became his favorite items when he felt tired or pain in the legs. I feel fortunate to have this tool in our house.

This product is perfect for those who want a massage that is really powerful. No need to worry with a massage that feels underpowered because this amazing foot massager have an enough energy to relieve the pain in your feet quickly.

If we talk about the advantages of purchasing MediMassager, there are a lot of benefits that we can get from buying these products. You will get a very useful product for you and your family at a very affordable price.

You can see the benefits that you get from this tool starting from the material and construction that looks very sturdy (I think this tool will last for a very long time), the power of its massage that is very powerful, and also this foot massager is recommended by many doctors and therapists from around the world.

This foot massager is not just an ordinary foot massagers; this stuff can give you a long-term health benefit. For information, at the foot, there are many acupuncture points. And as far as I know, this stuff can massage the acupoints that are located on at your feet. So, apart from making your feet free from fatigue and pain, foot massagers also makes your entire body becomes healthier.

Check more information and the price of this stuff by clicking the button below!

2. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat

The next item which I will review is uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat. This foot massager using the Shiatsu system wich I mentioned earlier above. It’s a massaging action system that applies the technique of Japanese massage which can provide a deeper massage than vibrations.

Before speaking further about foot massager, I firstly will discuss the appearance of this item.

This stuff looks futuristic with a silver color on the entire body exterior. I really like it; it may seem expensive, but of course as I promised earlier. These items also included in the foot massager that are sold at a price that is affordable for everyone.

Massaging actions provided by this tool is noticeably deeper and also makes the muscles in our feet become more relaxed. Furthermore, foot massager also provides a deeper massage to which it can improve blood circulation in our body.I loved the sense when I felt like my blood stream flowing around my feet. And yes, that’s what really happened. According to the info I read, Shiatsu really makes the blood circulation to be much better.

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I loved the sense when I felt like my blood stream flowing around my feet. And yes, that’s what really happened. According to the info I read, Shiatsu really makes the blood circulation to be much better.

This foot massager has massage system with a variety of options that you can choose easily. A slow, strong massage is my favorite to make my legs relax. And this tool has featured a massaging action like that. It works even better when combined with vibration. I really like this product!

The product size is quite small, but enough for those who have a large foot size like my husband. Although the size of this foot massager is quite small but, my husband (who has a large foot) did not find it difficult when trying this foot massager.

Furthermore, because of their small size, this item could easily fit in the trunk of our car. And you can carry this stuff wherever you go.

This is the best foot massager with the Shiatsu, and the good news is that this foot massager is also sold at a price that is affordable for anyone.

When we compare it with MediMassager, this product was lost. But when compared with others in its class, this foot massager is the champion. My husband and I were always feeling happy to spend our time relaxing together with this tool.

It is a remarkable foot massager that are sold at an affordable price.

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Choosing the best foot massager tool might not be easy because there are a lot of products available on the market. Each product has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.

Before buying a foot massager, it would be wise if you know what kind of product you really want. I have written two recommended  products that you can buy at an affordable price. All you have to do only need to specify the actions that you really want.

But if those two products above were not the foot massager that you want to have, you can find a variety of other products here.

There are still a lot of foot massager which sold on the market. You can find it by yourself easily if you read and learn the buying guide that I wrote in this article.

That’s all I can share about Foot massager. I hope this article could give you an useful information. If you have any question, feel free to ask through the comment section below this article.

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