There are many ways to make our feet more smoothly. We can go to a professional foot care that we can found in the city where we live; we can do the treatment with foot spa, or we can try to use foot cream. However, one of the ways that we can do at home with only spend a little money is by using a foot file to take care of our feet.

On this article, I will talk about foot file. I will give you an information about how to choose the best foot file to buy, and I will also review best foot file which being sold on the market.

Before I fell in love with many foot care products, Foot file is the first that makes me happy to using it anytime I can. This stuff really satisfied me who always want to look good, especially on my feet. This item could make my feet look beautiful and smoother.

I knew this product since ten years ago. It was when I was still in the high school. As a high school girl, I am always worried about my appearance. I just want always to look perfect anytime and anywhere. So, I start thinking that when I do not wear shoes, I am worried if my feet does not look perfect. I am really worried if my feet look dry and cracked.

After three busy days looking for the best stuff to fix my problem, I met my mother’s friend who works in the beauty salon. She suggests me to try using a foot file. She said that it was very useful to take care of our feet. Moreover, then she gave me one foot file product for free.

So, I start using this foot file every day. Slowly but sure, I began to feel a satisfactory result from the use of these items. I began to feel my feet became smoother and looked beautiful. I am really grateful to my mother’s friend who introduced me to the foot file. From that moment I started to buy and use a variety of foot care products. And that is where my journey with a variety of foot care products begins.

Now as gratitude to friends of my mother, I will share interesting info about using a foot file, why we should use a foot file, foot file and how to use it correctly. I hope this article can help you who are confused to choose the best products to soften your feet.

Firstly, I will tell you more about foot file.

What is Foot File

A foot file is a simple tool that is used to rub the feet with the aim smooth the foot skin. Foot files can exfoliate dead skin quickly and effectively. A good foot file can quickly smooth your feet, on the contrary, bad foot file will make your feet become sore and worsen your appearance.

That’s why you have to find out what products are best to buy because buying a bad product will make your feet become worse and hurt your feet.

There are many options of foot file products on the market that you can buy. However, it is very difficult to know which is the good one without trying it first. The only way is to ask for product recommendations from your friends or families who’ve ever tried to use a foot file.

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If you do not have a friend or family who has ever used a foot file, you can buy one of the products that I review here. Because all of the products that I review here is the best product, I’ve ever tried.

Well, it is a few things you should know before buying a foot file. There are some things we need to think about such as price, design, and shape. But three things that you can consider yourself without the need to know more about foot file.

Now I will explain why we should buy a foot file rather than using the other foot care treatment or product.

Why Buy Foot File

Using a foot file to smooth your skin is an easy and effective way. This is because the foot file is not an item that is complicated to use, and also very easy to carry wherever we go.

You can just use a foot spa machine to smooths your feet. But, when you have to work late at the office, can you bring to the office a foot spa? Maybe it can, but this might be a problem if your boss knows. FYI, foot care should be performed every morning and night before you sleep.

For that reason, foot file is the perfect tool for us. Yes, you can still use a foot spa machine, but it may be better to use a foot spa machines on your holiday only.

Moreover, you may have heard that callus remover can be used to smooth feet. Yes, it is true and callus remover is also easier to use than a foot file. But, you should know that callus remover made to remove calluses. If you do not have calluses on your feet, buying a callus remover just a waste of money

Furthermore, foot files are also more efficient in terms of finance. You can take care of your feet without having to go to a spa or salon. By having a foot file you can also save money for other things that are more important. It is an advantage that you should consider.

Lastly, I strongly encourage you to buy foot file, especially for women who have always wanted to have beautiful feet. Except, for those of you who have calluses on your feet, in which case I would suggest you buying callus remover because this is what you really need.

Well, that is the reason you should know before purchasing foot file. Now I will start a review of the best products on the market.

Top 3 Foot File Review

1. Ped Egg Foot File

You’ve probably seen these products on TV, and you might wonder if this tool is really useful. If we look at this stuff at a glance, it is hard to believe small items like this can be useful to clean your feet of dead skin that can make the foot becomes rough. Instead of thinking further, let us find out the truth!

Having a pedicure treatment is relatively expensive and can cost a lot of money if done too often. However, if you have the Ped Egg, you can do foot care with the same results in your home.

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Ped Egg sellers say that this tool is the fastest way to smooth your skin without causing any health problems. The beads were also said to be able to lift off dead skin finely and makes your feet as smooth as baby skin

My experience with this tool is quite pleasant, and I get the results promised by the seller of Ped Egg. I first tried this tool is after I saw on tv. I also have the same feeling with others who see this product on TV, we felt curious and fascinated by this little product. Then, I bought it and tried it for the first time.

I feel comfortable when I held this item. This may be because its shape which is shaped like an egg and its smaller than the palm of my hand. Honestly, my hands do not get tired when rubbing my feet with this foot file.

When I rub my feet with a foot file, I did not feel pain in my legs. So, it is true that these products gently remove dead skin without pain in the legs. I feel comfortable using these tools and do not feel tired using it for a long time.

Overall, this product is recommended to buy. What you see on TV is true that this tool is very effective to make your feet become smoother.

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2. Microplane Foot File Review

Our next best product is the Microplane Foot File. The product is manufactured by Microplane formerly known as a manufacturer of wooden items.

Microplane Foot File is produced to remove dead skin, eliminate rough skin, and also removes calluses. It is a foot file with many benefits, and surely this is an exceptional product.

Nothing looks unique of appearance of this stuff. However, for me, this stuff looks simple and elegant. I love the design of this product. Therefore, I decided to purchase this tool. Yes, you heard it right. I bought this product because I like the appearance of this stuff.

Microplane said that these products work like a grater on kitchen appliances. Yes, it works like that. Can you imagine, a grated that gets the tough part of the orange skin to come off, but leaves the soft part alone. It works like that. And I think this is very brilliant way; it’s really not like other foot files.

Furthermore, Microplane also says that it works the first time you use it. And the funny thing is I hear this after I buy and try this tool. I agree with what they say because that is what I experienced. I was amazed at this product for the first time use, my skin immediately feels much more smoothly than before.

The good news, this foot file is sold at a very affordable price. This item are sold at a price below $ 50. Yes, with a little money, you can take care of your feet in order to be more beautiful.

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Overall, this also a recommended product to buy. Seriously, you should buy this stuff right now!

3. OPI Foot File

The next product is OPI Foot File. This product is the goods you may often encounter in the salon when you do a pedicure treatment.This stuff is already very well known in foot care and is also recommended by beauty experts. OPI foot file reportedly can remove rough skin, dry skin, dead skin and calluses on your feet quickly and effectively.

If we look at the appearance of this item, we will get a luxurious feel of the silver color on its body. It looks very elegant and promising. We can also see that this item is made with materials that are very strong and seemed to be able last for a long time.

If you look at this product more closely, you can see work surface that is larger than other products. This means we can clear dead skin faster or eliminate large calluses. The product also comes with two grated. You can choose which one to use depends on your needs. There is a grater can be used to remove calluses, and the other can be used to smooth the feet.

Overall, this is also a great foot file to smooth your feet. This product is being used by beauty salon because it is very known for being a great foot file product. That’s why you should buy this one.

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Those are three items which I highly recommend you to buy. You can ask me for more info about those products above by answering a question through the comment section below.

For the last part also as the end of this article, I will share how to use a foot file properly and effectively. Check it out below!

How to use Foot File properly

  • Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. It should not be done if you do not have time to prepare warm water and soak the feet. The alternative is to clean all parts of the feet with clean water.
  • Rub foot file into the heel of your foot. Continue rubbing until all parts of the feet rubbed.
  • Massage the entire surface of your feet for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not let any part of the foot which you do not massage.
  • Lastly, wash your feet with clean water. Now touch your feet that have become smooth.

Do this treatment everyday, or do it whenever you have a little time for your feet.

Okay, I hope this article could give you some useful knowledge after you read it. If you have a question or if you want to give me feedback, feel free to fill in the comment section below this article.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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