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I hope you are in a healthy condition. Yes, despite the fact that most of the visitors of this blog is a person who is experiencing health problems and looking for a solution for their problems, especially foot problems. And if it is you who are experiencing a foot problem, I hope every information in this blog can give you benefits.

Well, in this article I will write about a foot problem which is closely connected with the beauty of our feet. What will we discuss in this article is about the athlete’s foot. So, let’s start this article.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a condition in which your legs look very bad, and it made us lose our confidence. Yes, especially when we had to walk without shoes or sandals for example when we walk on the beach.

The early symptoms that you may feel when you suffer from athlete’s foot are your feet feel itchy, feels as if stung, or a burning feeling on the feet accompanied by redness in the feet area. Please be careful when you experience these symptoms because most people who feel these symptoms, in a short time apparently suffered athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot itself in the medical world known as Tinea Pedis. This foot problem is a fungal infection on foot. And like other fungal infections, athlete’s foot will make our feet look bad. And I’m sure all of you especially women like me, definitely do not want that to happen. So, to help you avoid it, I write this article that talks about all the things you need to know about the athlete’s foot.

Okay, before we get into the main topic of this article which is a way to treat athlete’s foot, I will first discuss about some factors that can cause athlete’s foot.

Some Factor Causing Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, caused by a fungal infection, the fungal infection often happens to athletes or people who often use shoes with a wet sock which is usually caused by sweating.

Another thing that can cause athlete’s foot is direct exposure to fungus or mold during bathing (especially in high-risk places such as a pool or fitness center) is responsible for most cases of athlete’s foot.

And feet which are often sweaty and dirty also become another risk factor. Athlete’s foot initially only attacked between the fingers in the feet, but can spread to other body parts if not detected and treated appropriately.

And from what I know, athletes foot too often suffered by people who had just returned from a vacation to a tropical country. It’s never been experienced by a friend of mine who had just returned from Thailand. And it makes sense because, in a tropical place, people who are not familiar with the hot climate in tropical countries sweating more often than usual.

So, we should be more careful when going on vacation to a tropical country so that we are not exposed to a fungal infection that makes our feet look bad.

Those are some of the factors that cause fungal infections which become athlete’s foot. Avoid the things above if you are still lucky not to suffer from athlete’s foot.

Tips to Prevent the Spread of Athletes Foot Fungus

If you suffer from athlete’s foot, but the problem was not really serious, here are some tips that you can try to stop the spread of the fungus on your feet. As a note, these are just a few ways to stop the spread and not the way to treat athlete’s foot. I will write the Healing methods below after this section.

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1. Keep your feet dry. Keeping the feet dry is one way to avoid the spread of fungal infections in the feet. For your information, fungi can grow in wet and humid areas. Therefore, keeping your feet to stay dry is one way to prevent the fungus from growing in your feet which will cause fungal infections become worse than before.

2. Change your socks regularly.  As you’ve read above, foot fungus infection is more often caused by wet feet. Feet wet will cause the foot becomes damp. To prevent that, it would be better if you change the socks regularly.

Find out recommended socks to prevent the spread of fungal infection here

3. Wear a shoe that isn’t tight and well ventilated. This is also done so that your feet are not wet and humid with the same goal of preventing the spread of the fungus on the feet. Also, do not wear shoes that are made from synthetic materials, such as rubber, plastic, or vinyl. And also, do not ever sharing shoes with others!

4. Buy more shoes. I do not teach you to be more consumptive, but this is aimed so you can change your shoes more often. By replacing your shoes more frequently, you can wash and dry your wet shoes while you use the other shoe for your daily activities. By doing this, you can prevent the spread of fungal infections in your feet.

5. Wear waterproof sandals in public areas. We are often wearing sandals when we’re in public areas like swimming pools or fitness center. And usually,  we do not use waterproof sandals in that area. In fact, the gym or the swimming pool is a high-risk place for a fungal infection that causes athlete’s foot. Infection does not spread, and the condition of your feet do not become worse than before, I suggest you invest your money in buying waterproof sandals if you do not have it. One highly-recommended sandal which I think has a high quality at an affordable price, you can buy through the buy button below.

And those are some useful tips that can help you prevent the spread of athlete’s foot fungal infections. Keep in mind that tips above are only prevention methods. To find out how to treat athlete’s foot, you can continue to read this article. So, keep reading!

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot While Enjoying Your Day

When you hear the word “treat”, what is in our mind usually are the things that will disrupt our daily life. That is true, and that also happens in the treatment of athlete’s foot. However, I have found out some ways that you can try to treat your foot problems while still enjoying your days.

I am writing this information based on the research I did by reading articles on the internet, online journals, and information from my friends who are successful in treating athlete’s foot perfectly.

Okay, this is how to treat athlete’s foot while enjoying your day:

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1. Using a Special Foot Cream to Treat Athlete’s Foot

The first way that proved to be very powerful to treat foot problems is by using a foot cream. And to treat athlete’s foot, there is a special cream that can provide effective treatment for you.

To use a foot cream as a way to cure athlete’s foot, you just need to rub the cream into the are which infected by the foot fungus and the surrounding area to prevent spreading. Apply foot cream in the morning before you start your activities and at night before you go to bed. Using a foot cream is suitable for you who want an easy way to cure a fungal infection of your foot. If you feel uncomfortable using a foot cream, there are still other ways that I write below.

Here are some recommended foot creams for treating athlete’s foot.

Tolnaftate Cream USP 1% Antifungal Athlete’s Foot

This is a foot cream which is most often recommended for treating various problems including athlete’s foot fungal infections. While you are using this product, your feet will feel comfortable because this cream can relieve itching and burning in your feet. In one package this product, you will receive two of the large 1 oz tube. One package of this product is to treat your feet to recover. In addition, these products have an expiration date that is long enough so you do not have to worry about it.

Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream 

The next cream is a cream that is trusted in the medical world for treating fungal infections. This cream is not only good for treating athlete’s foot but is also good for treating fungal infections like jock itch and ringworm. This foot cream can also relieve symptoms of athlete’s foot like a foot cream from tolnaftate, and it can also cure it quickly. You can get the best price for this product through buy button below!

2. Using a foot spray for athlete’s foot

Another way to cure athlete’s foot is to use a special foot spray can stop the spread of fungal infections legs at once kill the fungus on the feet.

Anti-fungal spray more simple to use than a foot cream because all you have to do is spray it into fungus-infected areas. And you also need to spray it into the surrounding area with the aim of preventing the spread of the fungus on your feet. Perform this treatment every day by spraying it in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

Perform this treatment every day by spraying in the morning and evening.

Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray

The first spray is Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray. This spray has been clinically proven to cure tinea pedis quickly without causing any contra-indications. And also, this anti-fungal spray can relieve symptoms like itching, burning, or cracked quickly. You only need to use this spray in the morning before you start your activities and at night before you go to bed. By using this spray, you will enjoy your day without feeling the itchiness that always bothers you.

Lotrimin AF Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Deodorant Spray Powder

This product is a product that is used by my friend. My friend had a nasty foot fungus which she got after going for a pedicure to a high-class salon. He managed to cure a fungal infection on his feet quickly even on the first application. The price of this product is cheap, but you will get a high-quality product that has been proven to cure a fungal infection on foot quickly. And you can buy these products at discounted prices through the buy button below.

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3. Using an Athlete’s Foot Medicine

Apart from using cream and spray, you also can treat athlete’s foot by using a medicine that is made specifically to treat and prevent the spread of a fungal infection.  There is two anti-fungal medicine that I write with two different ways of applying.

To use the first product, you have to use the pipette dropper and put 25 drops in a small bowl of warm water, and you only need to soak your feet for 12 to 15 minutes. And to use the second product, you only need to drink it. This product does not taste like other oral medicine, so you do not need to worry.

The use of medications to eliminate a fungal infection is very suitable for those who are not comfortable to use foot cream or the foot spray. And do not be afraid because both of these are safe for you to use.

Zane Hellas Anti-Fungal Athletes Foot Solution

The first product is an anti-fungal medication manufactured by Zane hella. This product is 100% natural herbs that contain a variety of natural ingredients that can cure fungal infections such as Wild Greek Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

To use this natural product, you only need to soak your feet for a few minutes in warm water that has been mixed with Zane Hellas Anti-Fungal Athletes Foot Solution. It is a simple treatment for fungal infections which is very effective and efficient. Grab it right now with the best price through the buy button below!

Dr. King’s Natural Medicine Athletes Foot Fighter

The next product is a drug manufactured by Dr. King. To use this medicine you just need to drink it twice a day. This medication is safe for you to use and has proven to have no side effects after using this medicine. This product is perfect for you who are not comfortable to use foot cream or spray feet and also does not have much time to soak your feet in warm water.

Well, that’s all information and tips that I can give to you. I hope by reading this article, you can cure athlete’s foot quickly and accurately. Remember, do not ever assume athlete’s foot as it is not important for it not only can make your feet look bad, but it could also be an infection that can be dangerous to you. So, immediately cure athlete’s foot before it’s too late.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have any questions, please fill in the comment section below or send an email via the contact page on this blog.

See you on the next article!

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