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About Me

foot-healthcare-practitionerFirstly, let me introduce myself so we can know each other and we can share knowledge about foot health care here on my blog. My name is Lilly Austin, and you can simply call me Lilly. I am 26 years old, and I work as a nurse at the local hospital near my home.

I really appreciate my foot because the foot is the part of my body that is very useful in my everyday life. Yes, we use foot to walk from our house to the office or anyplace we want to go. Moreover, healthy and clean feet could make a woman look more beautiful.

I may look funny for some people because I am worrying too much about the healthy of my feet. However, as far as I know, if we did not take care of our feet, it could be a big problem for us. Your feet may be amputated because of that “big problem.”

I decide to build this blog because I am feeling concerned about people nowadays who does not care about the health of their feet. In my point of view, they just don’t care if their foot being amputated because they do not care for the health of their feet.

With my experience as a nurse and knowledge that I learned from the nursing school, I will share every knowledge and information related to foot health and care for free on this blog.

Another thing that I am really concern was the beauty of my feet. This thing is such an important thing, especially for a woman. I like to see my toenails keep clean and look beautiful. For me, it is another attractive part of a woman.

Fortunately, I also have the knowledge and a lot of experience on this thing too. I also have many friends who work in a beauty salon. Moreover, they always give me tips about foot care and these tips usually very useful for someone who always want to have beautiful feet like me.

From now, everything that I learned about foot health and care will be shared here with all my readers.

Yes, I will share everything that I learn from nursing school which I hope will be useful to make your feet stay clean and healthy.

And I also will share everything that I learn from my own experience on and from my friends who work in a beauty salon which I hope will be useful for those who want to have  beautiful feet.

Moreover, I will not charge anything from you. I do it because I care and You should care for your feet too.

About this Blog

On this blog, you will find every information you need to know about foot health and care. You will learn how to take care of your foot and also you will find some stuff that is very useful for the health of your feet.

You can find helpful tips about foot health and care from our blog. These tips are provided by an expert in this field. By reading this section, take care of your feet will be much easier than before.

There is also a section where we will talk about useful stuff that we can use to make our feet always stay clean and healthy. On this section, you will find table comparison for every product category that we are talking.

So the point is, this blog will cover everything related to foot health and care. No matter you want to read a review about foot spa product, learning to take care of your feet, or you just want to know more about the healthy of feet, you can find it all on my blog.

I hope you’ll find an information you nee on my blog. And everything you learn from here could be useful for you and for people around you.

If you have any question about our blog, a feedback for me, or anything you want to ask related to foot health and care, you can ask me directly through the contact page on my blog.

Enjoy my blog and always take care of your feet!