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How to Get Rid of These Ugly Feet Ailments and Ready for Next Party

Party queens, we all know that ugly feet ailments such as athlete’s foot, corn and calluses, toenail fungus; has absolutely no place in our diary. But it does not mean they will never occur.

For someone who gets into crowd quite often and therefore concern a lot about visual aspect, the ugly impression is surely upsetting. It is like a nightmare, isn’t it? In worse case, it will disturb one’s self confidence even dump them into a long-drawn of depression if the condition continues.

A study to 2,339 women discloses that four of five British women agreed that it has been an epidemic crisis of self confidence due to body image.

Sounds like a serious thing to you? Well, it is. But not too serious, please 🙂

Just keep reading.

Here are Things You Will Figure Out from This Post

  1. What are most common ugly feet ailments and how you may get them
  2. Simple home treatments that everyone can do to get rid of athlete’s foot, corn and calluses, ingrown toenails and toenail fungus
  3. Tips to maintain a healthy foot
  4. Brief review of some popular foot healthcare products

Most Common Ugly Feet Ailments

Just as the name, ugly feet ailments are certain foot conditions that appear with ugly impression.

The ugly look mostly caused by infection or spread fungus on skin around foot areas. In case of corn, ill-fitting shoes specifically cause it.

Some of the ugly feet ailments that may disturb your look are:

1. Athlete’s Foot

Ugly Feet Ailment - Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s Foot, also known as Tinea pedis is a skin infection which caused by a superficial fungal infection of the ankles, palms, and between the fingers. Some types of fungi that were infecting are Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, Microsporum, and C.albicans, which can be transmitted directly.

The common look of athlete’s foot is dry, flaky skin. In severe cases, it may look red and peeling on one or both soles of the feet, and the dry flakes outspreaded all sides. Even the spaces between the toes also may have similar look.

However, the rash is commonly concentrated to only the bottom areas of the feet.

Athlete’s foot is mostly found in tropical regions and often found in ones who wear shoes every day. It also commonly occurs to people who have always been working in damp places, such as pool or beach.

How You May Get Athlete’s Foot

These are how you may get an athlete’s foot:

  1. You let your feet on moist for quite a long time
  2. Left your heavy sweating foot inside shoes with minimum circulation
  3. Put on tight whole covered-up shoes but forget or never wearing socks

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

Some common symptoms of Athlete’s foot are:

  1. Dry look with flaky-peeling skin
  2. Get red and itchy
  3. Burning and stinging sense of pain
  4. As the fungus spreading, toenails with athlete’s foot will turn discolored, thick or even crumble

How to Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot Fast

To get rid of athlete’s foot and heal the pain caused, use an antifungal cream. Miconazole, clotrimazole, terbinafine or tolnaftate in those cream help to block fungus from spreading and preventing the un-infected areas from getting contaminate.

Here are some recommended antifungal creams:

  1. Family Care Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream, 1% USP
  2. Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream
  3. REPARA Antifungal Cream Miconazole

Employ the cream constantly for at least 2-3 weeks to see a significant result.

Tips to Cure Athlete’s Foot

To cure athlete’s foot for quicker visible result, try these tips:

  1. Always keep your foot clean and dry
  2. Wash your feet frequently using soap and dry it evenly. Remember that letting them wet after washed will worse your athlete’s foot problem
  3. Wear shoes that comfortable on your foot. Besides, you also need shoes with good circulation to prevent your feet from sweating. Shoes with good circulation will keep your feet dry
  4. Choose sandals unless you have to wear shoes
  5. Put on all cotton socks and change it often as needed

After four weeks of regularly applying the cream and carefully treating, the athlete’s foot should get better.

If it is not, then try these medicines while keep using the antifungal cream:

  1. Candida Cleanse Complex
  2. GreenHerb Elimination Herbal Parasite Cleanser
  3. Best Candida Cleanse | Yeast Infection Support | Powerful Natural Herbs: Caprylic Acid & Oregano Oil Extract to Clear Candida Overgrowth & Yeast Infections | Thrush Supplement | 60 Capsules

2. Corn and Calluses


Only by looking at the horrible impression, you will notice that you have a corn or calluses, the ugly feet ailment #2.

The color of corn and calluses are grey or yellow and become less sensitive when you touch it. Corns and calluses are usually painless unless you push it for a few second, then you can feel the pain.

Some people use corn and calluses in an interchangeably way. In fact, that two of foot ailments have unique typical look.

Corns appear as hard lumps with conical shape and commonly found on the smaller toes, especially right at the top of the joints.

Calluses are sphere-shaped flat thickened skin that commonly formed on the soles of feet, like heels.

What Causes Corns and Calluses on Feet

Corn and calluses are usually caused by friction and pressure, especially from tight or ill-fitting shoes. The thickening of the skin is a consequence of protective body reaction. Skin becomes thickened as it frequently gets pressure and friction.

Symptoms of Corn and Calluses

Here are some symptoms of corn and calluses:

  1. Skin become dry and flaky, sometimes waxy
  2. It is thickened, hardened and raised bump
  3. Pain on the affected areas, sometimes bleed

Tips on How to Get Rid of Corn and Calluses Fast

There are many ways to treat corn and calluses, from using cream to surgeon in severe cases.

In early stage, here are some creams to apply for eliminating corn and calluses from your feet:

  1. Urea Cream 40 | Corn and Callus Remover
  2. Dead Sea Salt With Tea Tree Essential Oil Foot Cream With Dead Sea Salt Minerals

To remove calluses even faster you can also use specific handy devices as recommended below:

  1. Powerful Electric Callus Remover Rechargeable
  2. GEARONIC TM Blue Foot Heel Dead Dry Skin Hard Callus Remover Removal Care File Electric Portable Pedicure

Tips to Cure Corn and Calluses

For faster result, you have to support the creams for corn and calluses remover with these daily routine treatments:

  1. If you feel discomfort while wearing shoes because they are too tight or too loose. Leave them and change to shoes that fit your foot best.
  2. Protect the corn with a doughnut-shaped corn pad while it is healing. You can buy it from here
  3. If you have diabetes, having the corn and calluses may be a complicated. It is best if you visit your doctor to get the right medication advice.

3. Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown toenail that is our ugly feet ailment #3, is commonly happen to big toenail. It is a condition when toenail grows improperly into the skin of the toe. Once the edge of the nail breaks through the skin, it produces inflammation. That’s where the pain started.

But for you, pool party girls; this condition will absolutely prevent you from wearing sexy sandals while exposing your naked foot. The weird appearance is poorly embarrassing.

What Causes Ingrown Toenails

In most cases, it is caused by once again, an improper footgear and rarely by foot injury.

The nature cause makes it impossible to get recurred without immediate proper treatment.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenails Fast

Cut the nail stuck. No delay. And that’s the only way. Make sure you are using sterile and safe tools. Apply medicine on the wound, if any and let it healed. If there’s no infection, it usually gets better soon.

How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Here are some tips to prevent your feet from ingrown toenails:

  1. Cut your toenails regularly and properly prior with soaking foot in warm water to soften the toenails and make it easy to cut and shape.
  2. Avoid the cutting pattern of sharp pieces that will potentially lead to ingrown toenails.
  3. Do not cut the nails too short
  4. Ask a professional help if you are not sure to be able to do it by yourself.

4. Toenail Fungus


If you have a white or yellow spot at the tip of toenails, it is possibly a nail fungus or in medical language is called onychomycosis, which is our #4 ugly feet ailment. When the infection spreads, the nails can be discolored, thickened, and crushed on the edges.

I know that the appearance is your concern, then you can imagine how ugly it is (ouch!).

Nail fungus usually infects the hard material forming the nail. The infection itself can spread to the entire nail, including the foundation, slabs, and the nail root.

Toenail Fungus Causes

The cause of disruption of the nails is dermatophyte fungi. Also, yeast (candida) is sometimes partly responsible for the occurrence of onychomycosis.

When the condition of the nails is warm and moist, the fungus will be happy to make your nails as habitat.

Nail fungus more often found on the toenails rather than fingernails. This is because the toenails usually in a condition that makes mushrooms easy to grow, like a dark, warm, and humid.

Additionally, the toes have less blood flow than the fingers. Thus, the immune system cannot detect the problem and could not stop the infection quickly.

Some conditions that support nail fungus growth are:

  1. Having skin damage or nails damage.
  2. Being in a humid environment.
  3. Wearing shoes that make your feet feel hot and sweaty.
  4. Put on nail polish too often or you pick improper brand of nail polish.
  5. Washing hand too often or too much contact with water for a long time.
  6. Have poor health or suffering from diabetes or psoriasis. Psoriasis itself is a disease characterized by skin cells to grow too quickly so as to form patches on the surface of a thick skin and a reddish or white.

How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Quickly

There are several ways you can do it yourself at home to get rid of nail fungus.

1. Using an antifungal cream

If the white signs are already visible on the nail, try to wash and dry your toenails. Next, apply an antifungal cream to your toenails.

Here are some antifungal creams which were good to get rid of your nail fungus problem:

  1. Dr. Blaine’s Tineacide Antifungal Cream
  2. V20 Vite 20 Antifungal Cream Fungus Killer Hand and Feet Nail
  3. Kerasal complete care 2 in 1 nail toe & foot Anti – Fungal treatment cream

2. Cutting and diluting the nail

Cutting and diluting the nail will make anti-fungal cream to work better. This technique also reduces the pressure of the nail so that the pain is reduced.

If those two are still not effectively make the nails free from fungal infection, call your doctor immediately.

How to Maintain Healthy Feet

You cured the foot ailments carefully, and now the pain healed and your feet appearance and conditions has recovered. That’s great!

However, that will not last forever. They will easily recure if you neglect or skip the steps of your routine to keep your foot healthy.

The ugly feet ailments are closely related to your habit. By now, you should take care of your foot health carefully and properly maintain it.

Here are some useful tips to maintain healthy feet. These are uncomplicated tips, and you can do it without learning anything. Check it out below!

1. Keep your foot to keep it clean

Keeping feet clean is the most important part of health care for the feet. It may be forgotten by some people who are too busy with his job.

Set aside a little time to clean up your legs, especially after you perform activities that require you wearing shoes.

For example, after you go to work. Make it a habit to clean your feet after you got home from work.

2. Keep your feet dry

Keep your feet to keep dry. We feet will cause fungi and bacteria to grow in your leg. And if you notice in the common foot problem that we discussed earlier, most foot problems are caused by fungi. Therefore, keep your feet dry so that the fungus does not grow on your feet.

3. Cut toenails regularly and properly

Cut your toenails regularly and correctly to keep your feet from the foot problems which relates to the nail such as ingrown toenails. In addition, do not forget to avoid cutting toenails in a sharp shape because it will hurt your toes.

4. Pay attention to your “ugly” nails

You have to pay attention to your nails which look ugly. It could be discolored, cracked, thick, or crumbling. These could be the signal that fungus is grown on your nails.

Moreover, you should never hide your “ugly” nails with polish. It could make the infected nail problem become worse.

5. Never borrow a footgear

Don’t ever borrow somebody’s footgear because you’ll never know if his/her foot is healthy or not healthy. If it’s not healthy, then your foot will get infected too. This also includes renting footgear; it is wise to bring your own footgear rather than rent it.

6. Always wear dry socks

Wet socks will make your feet wet and moist. And as I told you before, wet feet is the best place for fungi to grown and breed. So, avoid wearing wet socks. You should have more than one pair of socks in your cupboard, especially if you wear shoes often.

7. Keep your feet protected in public area

Always protect your feet when you are in a public area like the gym, locker rooms, and public pools. These places are places where fungi often grow on the ground.

8. Wear shoes that fit your feet perfectly

Shoe size does not fit your feet perfectly, not only will make you uncomfortable when you’re walking, but it can also cause foot problems such as corn and calluses.

Those are eight tips to keep your feet healthy. Apply these tips to your daily routine and you will always have healthy feet. Don’t forget to meet a doctor when you have a serious problem with your feet.

Next, I will talk about foot care products that will be really useful to treat your feet properly.

Foot Care Products

Today, as technology get involved in almost all of our living aspects, foot care products are developing, too. Therefore, next let’s talk about foot care products to help you treat your feet properly as easy as pressing a button.

Let’s have a look!

1. Foot Bath and Spa

Foot Bath and Spa is a product that could make your feet be relaxed. This product looks like a small pool of water. Some types of Foot bath and spa products are equipped with heated water, and there are also several types of products to which it is equipped with an automatic massager.

To use it you just have to put your foot inside the tool. Furthermore, you can simply enjoy a relaxing spa in your own home.

This tool is sold at a price that is relatively inexpensive when compared to paying to the spa to get the same sensation of relaxation.

2. Foot File

Foot Files is a tool to remove calluses on the feet, and it can also make the legs become much smoother. This tool is a very important tool for women who always wanted to make her legs look beautiful all the time.

Foot files created with different types of files ranging from a smooth file to a very rough file. For cleaning calluses, use a rough file, while for finishing touch simply apply the smooth file. This way, your legs become much smoother.

3. Foot Pumice

Pumice is a type of rock with special characteristics that are useful for foot care. You can easily find them in various places today, including health and beauty stores that available all over the country.

By buying products pumice foot course, you will get more benefits than seek a pumice stone to take care of your feet. Some of the more profits you get them are how to get a simple, good quality pumice stone, and much more.

4. Callus Remover

This is one type of foot care products that can help you eliminate calluses on your feet easily.

Actually there is nothing new here; you may know that there is a tool that can remove calluses by soaking feet in warm water and let calluses disappear by itself.

Today, there are electric calluses remover tools that can remove calluses in a way that is easier and faster. This product is also relatively inexpensive when compared to having to go to the doctor to remove calluses.

5. Foot Massager

Foot massager is the kind of tool that you must have known before. This tool is favorite product to relax the tired feet after a whole day activities.

If the previous machine is just a mediocre foot massager, today, you can find a foot massager products to which provide massage and heat that is ideal for therapeutic tool to ease foot problems.

Those are five popular kind of foot care products which is very useful for you who want to treat your feet properly. You can learn more about those four products above by reading this blog. Everything you need related to foot healthcare you can find here.

I really hope that after you visiting my blog and learning every knowledge here, you can be much healthier than before, and you can also share everything you learn from here with people around you.

If you have any question or feedback, you can ask me through the contact page.

Thanks for visiting my blog, have fun!